Air disinfection – our answer to COVID-19

Air disinfection has become one of the key tools to cope with COVID-19. Reducing the risk of an infection by decreasing the concentration of Viruses and other hazardous Materials in the air you breath is effective but not trivial


The Problem with conventional Systems

Conventional air cleaning Systems use special Filters called High-Efficiency Particulate Air/Arrestance Filter  (HEPA). These Filters are capable to filter Viruses and other hazardous Materials out of the Air. 

However, they do not kill these Materials. They just collect the Pathogens in the filtering System. Contaminated Filters are toxic Waste and represent a of Danger for the consumer and should be changed and disposed of by qualified Personnel.

Our affordablesafeinnovativehigh-techverified Solution without toxic Waste 

We provide an air disinfection System which uses patented Technology. It does not need Filters at all to provide safe air. This Technology completely destroys and kills any Pathogens and volatile organic Substances (VOCs). It does not leave any kind of biological or toxic Waste.

Our Devices hardly need any Maintenance for approximately 10,000 Hours of operation, making this Product even more affordable and more competitive in long term usage. 

The Technology has proven its efficacy in numerous laboratory Tests, not only against COVID-19 but any kind of organic Pathogens (Viruses, Bacteria, fungal Spores).

Air Revolution Europe uses a brand new patented technology based on photocatalytic oxidation.

A specially developed titanium dioxide layer creates an active surface that inactivates viruses, bacteria and fungal spores on contact and makes them harmless.

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